A lot of women in South Africa struggle with issues of identity and beauty - women are dying to be thin and going to extremes in an attempt to achieve the impossible standards of beauty that exist globally - not Ms. Ouma Tema. This passionate and dynamic business woman has taken it upon herself to help South Africans redefine their ideas of beauty by making a BOLD statement.


Inspired by the story of iconic South African women such as Saartjie Baartman, who were always shunned upon and even ostracized because their physical stature does not conform with the norm, Ouma Tema wants to take South African fashion industry by storm by targeting woman who are plus sized and are not really given options to fit their lifestyle where fashion is concerned.


Coming from an events management and branding background through her own company Bold-Mark business, Tema is launching her new brand aptly titled Plus-Fab *not just the right size* to cater to the more voluptuous women in our country. With this brand Ouma has created a range of sophisticated, beautifully crafted, fashion forward shapely clothing to make plus size women feel beautiful, comfortable and on trend with the latest fashions.

“I wanted to make clothes that plus sized women would love to wear with a touch of my personal flair. Most importantly for me was to create a range of clothing that embraces our body. My mom always said: what you wear determines how you feel, the more comfortable and beautiful you feel, the more confident you become in your daily life.”

Growing up in a society that has a tendency to shun away from voluptuous women, she learned from an early age to define beauty for herself and this has resulted in the creation of the PLUS-FAB brand. She describes the type of women who buys Plus-Fab fashions as a professional plus size woman who is comfortable in her skin to embrace the curves and show off her best assets in style and elegance. With this brand she hopes to bring out the fashionista in every plus size women by offering clothes that accentuate as opposed to cover up.

As the founding director of Bold-Mark Business & Plus Fab, she hopes to use her experiences as a stylist, customer relations and public speaking to share her vision for a more fashionable plus size community of sistas who are independent and proud of the skin they are in.

Being a fashionista herself, Ouma has always had clothes designed to her specifications; this resulted in a lot of women in her social circles complementing her on her unique style.

“It’s been a struggle for me as a plus sized woman to find sophisticated and fashionable clothes in plus size stores that are available in SA this is why I made it my mission to create a range of clothing that will enhance a plus size woman’s figure and bring out the fashion lover in all of us.”



Plus-Fab is based in Pretoria (Arcadia)

Contact them @ 071 144 8288 or 012 751 4037

Blog: http://www.plusfab.blogspot.com