“I’m looking to grow in as many ways as possible because I believe I am multi talented and with all these blessings I can make a positive change in my life and the world. I love motivational books and positive talk, and the word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary” - Phoenix





With a new found passion for Modelling she has done shoots for big brand shops in Botswana, namely IDL Fashions, JB sports and has been seen cat walking on fashion shows runways for big Local designers like Mpho Kuaho, Koketso Chiepe and one international designer, Indashio, this year on the 1st of April.

Based in Gaborone, Botswana Phoenix Thandie Methmo’s number 1 passion is music. PHOENIX is a Pop rock & Electro dance music outfit consisting of one member namely Thandie M Monageng hailing from Tlokweng. Phoenix possesses a unique lyrical and vocal talent executed with an exquisite technique; making her diverse. Phoenix's sound is a fusion of rock rhythm with Electro dance feeds; this combination is furnished with the swag. She has a liberal freedom of creativity which adds substance and authenticity her music. Phoenix treasures liberal freedom of creativity which adds substance and authenticity her music.

Phoenix's music is relevant, grounded and rooted. She is an ambassador of cosmopolitan urban culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Life in the present world is defined by socio-economic positioning and everybody is struggling to formulate their stands of wealth acquisition which guarantees positive living. She takes advantage of her talent of mastering the art of words and music composition to report achievements, ambitions, and failures of urban youth across the world. Clarity is the master communication and she write songs and deliver them in a high audible fashion. In this manner she avoid throwing up semantic blurs that may end up confusing listeners. “Music is the essence of life, it has the ultimate power to control souls and it is the only weapon Africans posses. Phoenix is here to change the way of thinking” – Phoenix


Phoenix, the brand is pioneered by a joint venture of Makama Emperial Pride (MEP) an entertainment company registered in the republic of Botswana and HIT Philosophy a record label owned by Khunou Holdings (Pty)Ltd an international investment consortium registered in the republic of South Africa. The joint venture aims to take the Phoenix brand to every household trough out Africa and the rest of the world with advanced business engagements which include clothing and other merchandise.

Phoenix’s debut album is titled E.R (The Euphonious Rise) and it is scheduled to be released locally in August 2011 and an international release is scheduled for mid 2011 in South Africa and other African countries. She’s worked with a lot of local guys like Illusion, MBC, Killo Gillz, Big Mase, Sickbunch, Edna, Eunik Force and being the hard worker that she is, she’s been on local Television shows like Mokaragana and My Star which are both on BTV (Botswana TV). Her singles;

Dance (electro-dance) Play

Produced by Eunik force
Recorded at Hit Philosophy
Written by Mercy Thandiwe Monageng (Phoenix)
Mastered by Eunik Force

In yo face (punk/pop rock) Play

Produced by Eunik force
Recorded at Hit Philosophy
Written by M Thandiwe Monageng (Phoenix)
Mastered by Eunik force

Everything (house)  Play

Produced by: Eunik force
Recorded at Hit Philosophy
Written by: M Thandiwe Monageng (Phoenix)

Swagger Jacker Play

features Big Mase
Produced by Eunik force
Recorded at Hit Philosophy
Written by M Thandiwe Monageng (Phoenix)
Mastered by Eunik force
are in circulation on local radio stations.

It is clear that Phoenix Thandie Methmo is no ordinary sister. She is a self employed, young-events coordinator, promoter, Singer (Upcoming artist), Former fashion editor for L Magazine (local) and Art director for Thokolosi (local drama).


Artists Fact file

Stage name: Phoenix

Formal name: Thandie M Monageng

D.O.B: 15-10-198...

P.O.B Serowe

Home Village: Tlokweng



Guest in Brookes Monnaanoka rock show live on RB 1( 2003).

Guest in Mokaragana BTV (2004) As lead singer in former rock group Qdeque with then famous track "Crazy"

Illusion ( Feature)

MBC Earth & Mars ( Feature)

Top 5 Finalist of popular TV show My star formerly known as Popstar Botswana in 2007

Also collaborated with Big Mase a k.a YMC, Illusion, Sickbunch, Eunik force ( Zim),Edna

Released a 3 track,3 genre single in march 2011

Currently working on album

Big on community work



Phoenix- thandiemsbear@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it