6. Miranda is just a step away from living her dream

May 26, 2011


Miranda Mokhele is a fresh face in the South African Entertainment industry. With her impressive entry as Latoya in Tshisa fame, as well as her soap stint as part of the sizzling trio in Rhythm City as Thandeka, this talented splendor has since expanded her mark as a professional musician and presenter.



We took some time to chat with this AFDA graduate to find out what is it that keeps her motivated in this highly competitive industry, and what her take on social networking is. We also make her let us in on her style secrets and her lifestyle away from the lime light.




Miranda ever since your first main role in the drama series Tshisa, the demand for your talent as an actress seems to be increasing progressively. What are some of the tricks you’ve had to adopt in order to make yourself a force to be reckoned with?

One of my secrets is keeping a positive attitude no matter what. It seems it makes people comfortable and they feel at ease to communicate.

Positive energy always does resonant to others, doesn’t it?


Your acting career has stretched from drama series, short films, music videos and soaps. This is an impressive record for such a short time since your doorway in 2008, is there more we can look forward to in your acting career?

I shot a few scenes for the upcoming season of Sokhulu and Partners. Either than that, I am still attending auditions so hopefully will be able to add something fresh soon.

Judging by your displayed skill, it surely won’t be too long before we see you take on those leading roles.

As a child growing up in the Free State, Jagersfontein, did you ever imagine that you would end up in the Entertainment industry?

It was always a dream of mine to be in the entertainment industry. However I only dreamed as far as acting on stage. I thank God that he has surprised me and shown me that I am capable of more.


Your profile promotes a full package, not only are you an actress but you are also a professional musician and a presenter. Now let’s chat a bit about your experience in the SA Idols last year. You went as far as the theater week; did that affect you at all?

At first I was sad that I could not make it further because I am human. At the end of the day I felt like I had failed myself, but then I sat down for a while and thought about it and realized that in actual fact my sound is not pop and the main reason I entered the show was to get recognized for my musical talent.

 SA Idols focuses on POP music, what’s the genre you are focusing on as a professional singer?

I thank God and the judges for showing me which genre I should be pursuing. It is certainly not pop music but more of an afro jazz sound).


Your Facebook fan page has 2 077 followers, which is impressive considering that it is a great marketing tool. Are you a big fan of social networking?

I am indeed. I feel as a person that’s in the public eye, the social network gives me that podium to hear from my fans as to what their feedback is about my work . Some other people that reach out misuse the platform but I guess that comes with the territory.

Unfortunately when it comes to an open avenue such as social networking, there’s very little you can do to avoid that kind of contact.


One other benefit of Social networking is that as a celebrity it illuminates the middle-man and allows you to directly communicate with your fans. What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever posted on your wall?

Some guy once said he wants me to have his babies. Can you imagine!


One would describe you as and an afro-babe, fair skin sister with a refreshing taste. Tell us a little about your fashion flavor.

My friends always tell me that I have no fashion sense. However, God gave me the gift of matching colours, so that is my saving grace when I wear something. I believe if the colours sort of go well and the outfit looks good on you, then you should be ok.


What are the three most important items that every lady needs to have in their closet?

Always have a good pair of shoes, a pair of formal black pants or a pair of dark blue jeans are a must have because you can wear them with any blouse or top, and finally, I feel wearing great underwear always boosts your confidence as a lady.


People know you as a TV personality, but there’s more to you as a person. So how would you describe a random day in your normal life away from the glitz and glam?

I do not believe that I lead a “glitz and glam” life. I feel that it’s so overrated and being a girl form a small town I always try and stay grounded. A normal day is; I wake up, wash and all that, and then go to the office (Gaenor Artiste management) and work. Occasionally, I also attend auditions. Either than that I knock off at five and go home, cook eat and then go to the gym. That is my sort of day. During weekends I try and fit in my music, so I go to the studio and record.


Five facts that no body knows about you?

  •  People always assume that because I spoke Xhosa on Tshisa, that I am Xhosa speaking. I am not, I am half Sesotho and half German, so I’m mixed race.
  • I watch a lot of movies to keep my skills fresh and see how other actors are honing their skills
  • I only comb my hair once a week when it is washed. And it is not as soft as people think it is.
  • I love my family and would kill for them.
  • I have a little sister who is five years old and she is my world! As naughty as she is.


Judging from her down to earth persona, Miranda is a clear example that one should take a bite of some humble-pie at list once a day. It’s no wonder this talented rising star has such a notable fan base. Miranda’s path to stardom has just begun, and it remains to be seen what this bowl of potential has to offer next.

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